"One of the most creative traveling route in history" 


"The Story Theme"



Each place has its own interesting background story. The definition of tourism to some travelers does not only cover eating, sleeping, and traveling to the utmost and take pretty selfies, but also gathering stories and experience, opening and widening their world, getting to know every profound aspect of every place they visit, otherwise it could not be considered fulfilling a truly cherished and unforgettable memory.

"The Chill Theme"

อยู่น่าน นานๆนะ


It’s not always true that times of happiness just fly away, because a leisurely trip with the aim to absorbs different impressions along the way and indulge in each place with no hurry, to some this is a simple way to reap happiness but overflowing with life energy, accompanied by experiencing the profound charms that a rushed trip could not offer.

"The Green Theme"



Even though globalization and technology provide comfort to our lives, but up to a point you may have to turn back and ask yourself what the value and meaning of a long-lasting life are. By bringing yourself to experience the simple life amidst nature in the style of Na Sao and Sila Phet People, you will understand how organic agriculture is not only good to our body because of it’s contaminant-free, but to metal health in the long term as well.

"The Nature Theme"



Calm, peaceful, and homey atmosphere that welcomes the guest from other localities is what’s apparent from the very first footstep you lay into Amphoe Wiang Sa. In the past, if you were travelling to Nan, no matter where you were coming from, you would still have to travel via Wiang Sa, making it ‘The Gate to Nan.’ Nowadays that atmosphere still persist.

"The Adventure Theme"



The vigor and liveliness from the purity and serenity of the unadulterated and mostly uncharted nature will open a new page to life where you will learn that conquering challenging goals and overcoming your own limits is the greatest trophy to will bring you pride, and yet you will still get astounding sceneries and lungful of clean air as tokens.

"The Local Life Theme"



It may be the weather, pristine nature, or the serene water source that bind together the friendly Nan people who wouldn’t hesitate to smile, that make them always ready to share their hearts with visitors from other localities, and influence their lifestyle, customs, and culture, which even though are simple with profound and beautiful. 

"The Handcraft Theme"



Handcrafts are born out of creativity, with attention to detail meticulously paid to every step of the process.  This results in products being made full of pride, to pass on the admirable culture and lifestyle worthy of conservation so that they are not lost in the passage of time.

"The Food Theme"



In the era when money and material possessions are more important than anything else, a life that relies only on components around you sought from nature is a simple but rather free and sustainable happiness.