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Nature Theme

The way of the forest, that is the harmony, peace, and the interdependence of the flora and fauna that reside in it, supplemented with its greenness, fresh air, and year-round cool climate, provides pleasure to both the eyes and the mind, and health to all lives associated to it. Everything mentioned here can be fully experienced at Maniphruek, a small village, that holds onto so many good things in the mountaintop.



We will first head up the Maniphruek Village and drop by Mr. Rong Khluai’s place to listen stories about and get to know the village, followed by a friendly and simple lunch. In the afternoon, we will move through the forest in search for geisha coffee of Maniphruek and agricultural products at the mountaintop, then we will return to our accommodation to reenergize ourselves with drip brewed coffee with unique taste and aroma until the sunlight softens down when we will set out to explore the village, meet with locals and observe local cultures, such as Hmong embroidery, coffee roasting workshop, and knife making. At dinner, you will be able to fill your stomach with unlimited barbecue amidst winter breezes and starry night.

Best Time

To Travel

Cool weather all year round. However, winter will be abundant with winter crops like strawberry, peach, persimmon, lychee, and peach, which you can see and taste. If you prefer the beauty of flowers, you can’t miss visiting Maniphruek during February when the entire area would be ubiquitous with blooming ‘siao’ flowers, peach flowers, wild Himalayan cherry blossoms, and ‘chomphu phu kha’ flowers


How to Access

From Amphoe Pua, enter Amphoe Chiang Klang at Ban Na Nun between 79-, to 89-kilometer stones, then turn left to Rural Road No. 4023 for approximately 16 kilometers to Ban Kok. It’s a path ascending the mountain towards Maniphruek Village. Travelling by a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended

Souvenirs and

Must-Haves Items

Geisha coffee




Ban Suan Kafae 

Lodging house in forest area


Homestay with the local community

Traveler Style

Nature tourists who love experiencing fresh air, pristine nature, sea of mist, and flowers, allured by traveling and discovering virgin and unadulterated lands and bits of challenges during their trips. Coffee connoisseurs must not miss out on their chance to indulge in the world-class coffee right at its source. It’s guaranteed that sipping a cup of warm drip brewed geisha coffee amidst the cool weather and pretty scenery at the mountaintop will become of your most impressed moment of your lifetime.


Jacker, trousers, sneakers, long socks, camera and tripod for the Milky Way, and mosquito spray.


Maniphruek is a Lua and Hmong village, once a major base of the Communist Party of Thailand, whose members turned themselves in, so it has been reestablished into a residential village for over 30 years. Today, it’s an attraction with nature, history, culture, agriculture to offer.

Values and Impressions Gained

You will learn how people and forest can live together sustainably, experiencing the unique culture of the minorities through the stories of Hmong embroidery, ‘kaen,’ and knife making. While you are indulging in nature, you will find unforgettable peace in another corner of your life.

Activities with Local Communities

Learning about organic agriculture and sustainable forest conservation through the coffee supply chain from its plantation to roasting workshop, and tasting it. Learning Hmong embroidery, Making knife by yourself.

Contact for Tourism

Rong Khluai

Tel: 062 248 5018

Mr. Tam

Tourist Attractions

Doi Pha Phueng: Mountaintop that can be easily conquered by a four-wheel drive, and at the end of a 200-meter footpath, sea of mist, cold weather, and pristine forest wait as tokens to those who conquered.

Pha Phueng cave: used as bunker in the past, how considered as an uncharted attraction with stalagmites and stalactites, beautiful stone cascades, and sound of stream flowing underground towards the inside of the cave just where light shines down.

Traditional coffee roasting workshop: the source of Maniphruek coffee is this traditional coffee roasting workshop, with each coffee bean roasted by hands, making De Hmong coffee a true crafted coffee.

Strawberry farm: in winter, strawberries in Maniphruek boast its ripe red fruits to be picked fresh from the bushes