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Local Theme

It may be the weather, pristine nature, or the serene water source that bind together the friendly Nan people who wouldn’t hesitate to smile, that make them always ready to share their hearts with visitors from other localities, and influence their lifestyle, customs, and culture, which even though are simple with profound and beautiful. I guarantee that you will be able to truly feel the happiness and satisfaction with life and identity in them after I have visited Muang Tuet and Wiang Sa this time with my own eyes.



In the morning we will get to know and tour Nan Cultural Exhibition Center, then to pay respect to Buddha image for fortune and tour the museum with the temple ground that houses an archive of archeological artefacts, followed by sculpting exorcising candles, painting the bow of Nan boat model, then we will learn the making of matao lanterns at Ban Khom Kham. After having lunch by the riverside at Ban Nong Tao, we will bring the matao lanterns along to offer them to Phra That Chae Haeng Temple, followed by an interesting activity that is the performance of cattle yoked to bullock cart carrying sand up from the Nan river, and finally checking in at Nan Si Panna Resort with stunning scenery.

Best Time

To Travel

All year round, but if you want see the white egrets, it will have to be early winter, and as for the cattle pulling the bullock cart down the river, it will be February.


How to Access

From Nan city, cross the bridge over Nan River and take highway no. 1168 for about 3 kilometers, and you will arrive at Phra That Chae Haeng Temple.

Souvenirs and

Must-Haves Items

Models of ancient boat

Nan’s ‘matao’ lanterns



Nan Si Panna Resort

Tourist Attractions

Si Bun Rueang Temple: (in caption) Besides the ancient Buddha image where you can make wishes, many interesting activities are also available inside like visiting the museum, sculpting exorcising candles, and painting the bow of Nan boat.

Phra That Chae Haeng Temple: (in caption) An important Buddhist sacred sanctuary of Nan people, aged over 600 years. Those born to the rabbit zodiac sign should not miss the ‘chu that’ custom or paying respect to the relics of your zodiac sign, which is believed to bring you luck and fortune.

Bun Yuen Temple: (in caption) Besides being an important archive of physical evidences of Nan lifestyle and culture, it is also the location of the first footstep His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej set in the land of Nan.

Ethnology Learning Center of Ratchaprachanukro 56 Nan School: (in caption) An interesting and living learning center for ethnology, being an example of a peaceful multicultural community.

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Traveler Style

Tourists who like traveling to different places to appreciate new lifestyles and cultures different from routine daily life, and have fallen in love with expediting to fulfill inspiration and search for meaning of life through living and exchanging experiences with respective local societies and communities.


Do research on the places you are visiting, without forgetting your camera and diary to record your memories.


The location of Muang Tuet is a wide low lying basin with Phu Phiang Chae Haeng hill situated in the center, where earth were dug and bricks laid down to construct Chae Haeng Buddha’s relics. Wiang Sa is Nan’s largest Amphoe, so called ‘the Gate to Nan,’ being very abundant in rivers and streams.

Values and Impressions Gained

You will get to experience the charm of simple with elegant lifestyle of each locality, break away from binding old rules, and discover inspiration that includes the value of leading a more meaningful life, and you will find the way to live with nature and disparities of people more happily.

Activities with Local Communities

Sculpting exorcising candles

Painting boat bow

Making ‘matao’ lantern

Sand carting performance

Wooden boat cruise in Nan River

Feeding fish at Ban Kalok

Contact Tourism

Muang Tuet, Mr. Dai

Tel: 084 808 9813

Wiang Sa, Master Tone

Tel: 088 407 1740

River cruise, Master Radom

Tel: 085 029 8029