Handcraft Theme

Handcrafts are born out of creativity, with attention to detail meticulously paid to every step of the process.  This results in products being made full of pride, to pass on the admirable culture and lifestyle worthy of conservation so that they are not lost in the passage of time.



The morning program includes dropping by at Phuket Temple to pay respect to the Buddha image and view the scenery, then learning the Tai Lue arts of fabric dyeing and weaving firsthand at Ms. Lom Tai Lue woven fabric cooperative. Lunch will be mushroom pizzas at the well-known Ban Hua Nam Mushroom Farm. We will check in at Cocoa Valley Resort to make handmade soaps with real cocoa base, then to taste the intensity and richness of 100% cocoa. Our dinner will the delicacies we find from strolling Pua market, before having a good night sleep.

Best Time

To Travel

All year round, but if you are interested in training your skills and awakening your handcrafter spirit, you will have to make reservations 3 days in advance. October for scenery of the yellow rice paddies. Rainy season from August to September for refreshing green rice paddies.


How To Access

From Nan city, take rural road no. 1080 for approximately 60 kilometers to Amphoe Pua, then drive back through Nan city toward Tambon Suak using road no. 101 and head toward road no. 1025 for approximately 11.5 kilometers.

Souvenirs and

Must-Haves Items

Tai Lue woven fabrics

Handmade soaps

Silver accessories

Bo Suak pottery and porcelain works




Valley Resort

Tourist Attractions

Phuket Temple: (in caption) renowned scenic point of Pua town with many available activities, such as paying respect to the Buddha image, feeding fish, and ‘dikdiam’ trees.

Bo Suak ancient kiln center: (in caption) archeological center registered by the Fine Arts Department facing toward the river because transportation of pottery was done via the river in the ancient times.

Contact Tourism

Tai Lue Woven Fabric, Ms. Lom

Tel: 081 180 2964

Cocoa Valley, Mr. Manoon

Tel: 097 186 6116

Doi Silver Factory, Ms. Koy

Tel: 081 568 2434

Bo Suak Pottery, Mr. Blue

Tel: 081 885 2307

Traveler Style

Travelers who are fascinated by delicate handcrafts and appreciate that each piece will be more valuable and meaningful if they study about the history and origins of the crafts, who like craftworks and handmade works, ready to try new experiences, and seeking after inspirations from traveling to be integrated into their own creativity.


Do research on the places you are visiting, without forgetting your camera and diary to record your memories.


Pua is an attractive green town surrounded by mountains, making its sceneries appealing and weather refreshing all year round. It’s the center of precious culture as it’s the melting pot of many races, including Tai Lue, Hmong, Mian, and Lua. Bo Suak has been the settlement of the Lua people since ancient times, with a holy salt well in the area, so called ‘Bo Suak,’ which is corrupted from a similar word that means ‘salt.’

Values and Impressions Gained

You will learn about the lifestyle and the daily life of the locality through creation of unique products and get to experience in depth with the creation of piece of work and take pride in the effort, concentration, and determination you put into crafting them by yourself. The main point is to understand how dedicating your life and soul into doing what you love can make you happy and fulfill the meaning of your life, in which it can be used as an inspiration to follow your own dreams.

Activities with Local Communities

Dyeing and weaving fabrics with Ket Village cooperative

Crafting handmade soaps at Cocoa Valley

Making indented patterns on silverworks at Doi Silver Factory

Making pottery at Bo Suak

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