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Foodie Theme

In the era when money and material possessions are more important than anything else, a life that relies only on components around you sought from nature is a simple but rather free and sustainable happiness. Crops, vegetable, fruit, and herbs that can be harvested throughout the year with any purchases, and meat of small and large animals sourced from private farm, make each and every meal full of new and fresh flavors of the season, safe and contaminant-free, whose source is 100% retraceable.



We will arrive Nam Muap in the morning, then pay respect to Daen Thong Buddha’s relics for luck and fortune, and also at Chao Pho Chang Nga Deang, the center of faith for the local community. When we are ready, we will head into the forest to forage for ingredients like mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and vegetable to make lunch. In the afternoon, we will tour the fruit market to watch ‘matao’ or ‘luk chit’ production process and taste the fresh and sweet fruits right off their plants. Afterwards, we will fish by ‘yok yo.’ We will return to learn the Nam Muap’s local specialty recipes like ‘lap pla and lap mu mi.’ Evening will be a good time to participate in ‘Bai Si Su Khwan’ organized by the local elderly. We will end our day by resting at Nam Muap Homestay.

Best Time To Travel

All year round, but during rainy season mushrooms would be plenty and sweet bamboo shoots would be available. Drought season will be the time for ‘phak wan,’ ‘dok khan,’ and red ant eggs for those who like them. If you wish to see fogs of the late rainy season and early winter, you could see if it thick from just behind the homestay.


How To Access

From Amphoe Viang Sa, take the Rural Road Sa - Nam Muap for 37 kilometers

Souvenirs and

Must-Haves Items

‘Brake taek’ banana chips

‘Nam pu’

‘Khao lam chaeng’

Basketworks and bamboo cups

Shampoos, herbal dabbers, balms, massage oils, Sao Nam Muap boxing oils



Ban Nam Muap Homestay

17_Brochure_Taste of Nan_En-01.jpg

Traveler Style

Tourists who like to appreciate new experiences, cultures, and lifestyles of each locality, to try foraging for ingredients to cook like a local, and most importantly to taste new flavors of local cuisine and experiment with new dishes.


Trousers, sneakers, notebook to write down recipes


Nam Muap is a highland area partially made up of plains with three rivers, Muap, Pi, and Sali, flowing through, making it a plentiful region through the entire year.

Values and Impressions Gained

If you get to travel on Nam Muap food trip, you will learn how life and happiness do not need to be tied to money and material possessions only and that the value of each dish of food will increase if you know its background, search for its ingredient and cook it yourself.

Activities with Local Communities

Foraging for wild ingredients, picking mushrooms, and digging for bamboo shoots

‘Yok yo’

Cooking local signature dishes like ‘lab mu mi’ and ‘lab pla’

Making basketworks

‘Bai Si Su Khwan’

Catching crabs to make ‘nam pu’

Filling and grilling ‘khao lam’

Making ‘brake taek’ banana chips

Contact Tourism

Mr. Boy – Tel: 081 691 5962

Tourist Attractions

Chao Pho Chang Nga Deang shrine: (in caption) Sacred place that has been the center of the spirit of the local community since olden times, with ‘khao cham’ as the medium connecting the guardian spirit and the locals. The villagers believe it will grant any wish you ask for, by offering whole pigs. Closed on Buddhist holy days.

Daen Thong Buddhist’s relics: (in caption) A must-go, since you don’t only get to pay respect and enhance your fortune, you also get an aerial scenery, experience interesting cultures like dance rehearsal, basketworks, and also local spa where you can relax and purchase locally made quality herbal products.

Fruit farm: (in caption) You can try fresh fruits with natural sweetness, including ‘pui fai’ santol, rambutan, and dragon fruit, available in their respective seasons.