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Chill Theme

It’s not always true that times of happiness just fly away, because a leisurely trip with the aim to absorbs different impressions along the way and indulge in each place with no hurry, to some this is a simple way to reap happiness but overflowing with life energy, accompanied by experiencing the profound charms that a rushed trip could not offer.



We will first stop to pay respect the principal Buddha image at Bun Yuen Temple, then go to see the King’s first footstep at Wiang Sa Municipality Local Museum, and proceed to carve boat bow. We will have lunch at the noodle restaurant then have some coffee at Chang Nan Coffee and Gallery. In the afternoon, we will cycle around the Wiang Sa city, Don Chai Temple, learn about woven fabric at Warapon Woven Fabric, then we will continue to Ban Kalok to feed the fist, write Muang script and end the day with a laidback atmosphere of a cruise down the river. At night, we will check in at Khon Khun Khao Resort.

Best Time

To Travel

 All year round. If you want to watch the traditional Boat Racing Festival, come in October. If you want to see

drongos and white egrets, also the same time. Late rainy season and early winter to

enjoy the sea of mist.


How to Access

From Nan city, head south towards Wiang Sa for approximately 25 kilometers, and from Nan city to Pua, take higher no. 101 for approximately 60 kilometers. From Pua to salt well, take highway no. 1256 via Doi Phu Kha National Park to the slat wall for approximately 50 kilometers.

Souvenirs and

Must-Haves Items

 Woven fabric from Warapon Woven fabric



Khon Khun Khao Resort

Cocoa Valley Resort

Tourist Attractions

Bun Yuen Temple: Wiang Sa’s important temple since the ancient times. Anyone who comes will have to pay respect to the Buddha image with elegant standing posture.

Wiang Sa Municipality Local Museum: Besides being an important archive of physical evidences of Nan lifestyle and culture, it is also the location of the first footstep His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej set in the land of Nan.

Don Chai Temple: a small temple in Ban Don Chai Tai community, suitable for those who enjoy peach and crowded with other tourists.

Salt well: admire the beauty of sea of mist, mountain, andthe traditional salt making process that lasts till today.

Traveler Style

Tourists who don’t like rushing, love taking time to sink in the atmosphere and getting to know each attraction profoundly, prefer a relaxing style of traveling, and do not focus on the goal but pay for attention to values gained on the way there.


Camer a and dairy to record your memories,

jacket, sneakers to trek to the salt well.


Wiang Sa is Nan’s largest Amphoe, so called ‘the Gate to Nan,’ being very abundant in rivers and streams. As for Nan city, it’s a cozy small town, complete with charms and living cultures, full of temples to be visited. Other important tourist attractions include Nan National Museum, Phu Min Temple, and Rim Nan Gallery. The salt mine is source of rock salt which now has only the north and south wells left.

Values and Impressions Gained

Happiness from an unhurried trip, taking time at every pace with no rush, slowly absorbing the atmosphere at every minute. You will get to relax and rid yourself of hassles in everyday life and spend time with yourself till inspirations and ideas are borne of them. Most importantly, you get to recharge yourself with life energy that will clearly make you more vigorous and robust.

Activities with Local Communities

Carving bow of boat ,Cycling through the city

Weaving fabric at Warapon Woven Fabric

Boat cruising in Nan River, Writing Muang

script, Making Tung Kha Khing, Making flower

cones at Chao Fong Kham Palace.

Contact for Tourism

Wiang Sa, Master Tone

Tel: 088 407 1740

Boat cruise, Master Radom

Tel: 085 029 8029

Tung Kha Khing, Ms. Tim

Tel: 087 178 2588

Chao Fong Kham Palace, Ms. Pat

Tel: 089 560 6988