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Adventure Theme

The vigor and liveliness from the purity and serenity of the unadulterated and mostly uncharted nature will open a new page to life where you will learn that conquering challenging goals and overcoming your own limits is the greatest trophy to will bring you pride, and yet you will still get astounding sceneries and lungful of clean air as tokens



We will arrive Nam Muap in the morning, and first go to Daen Thong Buddha’s relics to view beautiful scenery, and then pay respect to Chao Pho Chang Nga Daeng shrine to pray for safe travel. Next, we will head for the adventure at Sali cave where we will walk and climb cliff to pay respect to Pop Chok Buddha’s relics, then explore the cave to see the bat colony. After lunch, we will finish our day with the impressive ‘Bai Si Su Khwan’ ceremony

Best Time To Travel

All year round. However, during rainy season mushrooms would be plenty and sweet bamboo shoots would be available, but the path ascending towards the mountain to pay respect to the Buddha’s relic could be slippery. Nam Wa rafting is actually available through the year, but the difficulty depends on the season. Rainy season is the most difficult due to the current, while winter and summer would be easier.


How to Access

From Amphoe Wiang Sa, take the Sa - Nam Muap rural road for 37 kilometers

Souvenirs and 

Must-Haves Items

‘Brake taek’ banana chips

‘Nam pu’

‘Khao lam chaeng’

Basketworks and bamboo cups

Shampoos, herbal dabbers, balms, massage oils, Sao Nam Muap boxing oils



Ban Nam Muap Homestay


Traveler Style

Adventurous tourists who love facing challenges, conquering goals, and excitements, being the first to see new things and discovering new places, the feeling of adventures, foraging, and seeking for new life experiences


For trekking: Safe attire, sneakers, long socks against leeches, and mosquito repellents.

For rafting: Safe attire, slip-resistant shoes, and waterproof gears.


Nam Muap is a highland area partially made up of plains with three rivers, Muap, Pi, and Sali, flowing through, making it a plentiful region through the entire year

Values and Impressions Gained

You will get to challenge your potentials and learn to put in efforts to proudly accomplish every little achievement.

Activities with Local Communities

Sali cave

Nam Wa rafting

Trekking and foraging

‘Yok yo’ fishing

Contact for Tourism

Mr. Boy – Tel: 081 691 5962

Tourist Attractions

Daen Thong Buddha’s relics: (in caption) A must-go, since you don’t only get to pay respect and enhance your fortune, you also get an aerial scenery, experience interesting cultures like dance rehearsal, basketworks, and also local spa where you can relax and purchase locally made quality herbal products.

Sali cave: (in caption) Nan’s unseen attraction that holds both beauty and challenges for visitors to experience. Inside there are bat colonies, scenic spots, and short trekking routes.