Travel Style

Tourists who love to be close to nature can get together to do various fun and valuable activities. Like have an opportunity to know more about another way of life that is simple, so to experience the sufficiency way of happiness like the people of a community that is totally different from the rushed lifestyle of the city.


Arrange suitable clothing for the season, especially long-sleeves that can protect you comfortably from the sun and the rain as well as for messy activities like wading through a reed field and mud. Take photos in the real fields. Besides this, you should prepare a swimming costume for swimming at waterfalls and the sea.

Valuable Memorable Impressions

In travelling for fun as well as learning about the different way of life of the people in each locality makes us know the real thing. Even though we are happy, it is not necessary to search for something worldly to satisfy us. This is because we can get to know the people of the local community through various activities and listen to them that reflects the origin and intention of the people. This might make you see the answer to true happiness that we are searching for and is very simple. However, just choosing a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature cannot be compared, cannot be something to ask for, but only depends on oneself and using the natural benefits. The local people don’t have to have an extravagant life, but have happiness that is sustainable. The rest of this way is up to us to choose to use the valuable impression from this trip in our own life.