Chanthaburi, the city of priceless gems and the famous land of various species of fruit of the East of Thailand, is another tourist destination that many people choose to take time for relaxing. This is because besides being full of delectable food, it is also abundant in natural tourism attractions including rivers, the sea, waterfalls, mountains, and another charm that attracts tourists to experience is the communal way of life that is unique and is full of stories that are of great interest. There’s also the generosity and friendliness of the local people

that awaits us to visit and experience the true identity of the people of Chanthaburi.



Experience the full experience of Chanthaburi.



Ban Patthawi

The local people have formed an organic fruit orchard cooperative and refrained from using chemicals. This cooperative was initiated by 9 orchards to welcome tourists who are interested in agro-tourism and want to learn about organic agriculture according to the sufficiency principle of King Bhumibol’s Royal Initiative.


Rak Khao Bai Sri

This community is surrounded by fruit orchards, as it is a production source of “ salacca”, a fruit that is difficult to find but here you can eat it all-year round. This is because every villager has been given the duty and is dependent on every important step of making an orchard; e.g.,


Ban Samet Ngam

A community surrounded by the sea that has made the area have brackish water, which is suitable for reed farming plus the skills, experience and meticulousness of the local people in weaving mats to be “ Chanthaboon mats”.


Bang Sa Kao

A community of 3 waterways in which most of the local people are fishermen. The people are conscientious and conduct sustainable fishing to conserve the community’s marine source to remain unspoiled. This community is truly self-reliant and has a variety of interesting marine ecotourism activities waiting for tourists to come and experience.


Tha Chalaep

This riverine community conducts local fishery as its mainstay. It does oyster farming on rafts in the middle of the Chanthaburi Rivermouth. Enjoy cruising to see the oyster farm and mangroves, learn about farming various species of oysters, especially “ Takorom”, a tasty oyster that isn’t smelly and is as large as the palm of your hand that won an award as the largest oyster in Thailand.


Khanom Plaek

An ancient market of more than 100 years old that is identified with the community of Nong Bua. There are 100-year-old wooden houses for visitors to see and experience the classic atmosphere as well as numerous ancient desserts with strange names to try.


Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront


An old community by the Chanthaburi River that used to be an important economic and trading hub during the reign of King Rama V the Great. At present, this community has become another tourist attraction that you shouldn’t miss, as it’s suitable for walking and taking great photos of chic spots.


Bao Ploy Lek Phet

A community learning centre that tourists can learn in depth about the gems of Chanthaburi that have been kept for tourists to experience from the water source to the rivermouth. This starts with the excavation and sifting of gems in the ancient way that can no longer be found to the cutting and crafting as precious jewellery.  This is known as the legend of Chanthaburi’s gems.


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